Modern Makerie Wholesale Program

Apply today to become a wholesale partner and receive your designated discount code.  Include in your message the following info:

1) Business Name
2) Website
3) Social Media Handles
4) Business Address
5) Products you are most interested in carrying

We allow wholesale purchases from our Ready-To-Ship Inventory.  

1) You must be able to submit a valid Resale Certificate with your Tax Exempt ID

2) You MUST have a physical store, boutique, or booth to showcase our products. (For online and eCommerce partners we use Shopify Collective)

If approved, you'll receive a reply requesting additional information and instructions to set up your customer account.

Once approved, if there are products you are interested in that are not Ready-To-Ship section, feel free to drop us a line with a request

*Wholesale Customer Accounts are not eligible for ClubMM rewards.