Modern Makerie Wholesale Program

Apply today to become a wholesale partner and receive your designated 40% OFF discount code.  Include in your message the following info:

1) Business Name
2) Website
3) Social Media Handles
4) Business Address
5) Products you are most interested in carrying

We allow wholesale purchases from our Ready-To-Ship Inventory.  

1) You must be able to submit a valid Resale Certificate with your Tax Exempt ID

2) You MUST have a physical store, boutique, or booth to showcase our products. (For online and eCommerce partners we use Shopify Collective)

If approved, you'll receive a reply requesting additional information and instructions to set up your customer account.

Once approved, you can use our Wholesale Guide to help you with your purchase.  Feel free to browse it now if you'd like more information on how the program works. 


*Wholesale Customer Accounts are not eligible for ClubMM rewards.