Shipping and Refund Policies 


Spot clean your bags with a mild detergent. Allow to air dry and use an iron to steam any wrinkles.  If you need a deeper clean, you can pull the vinyl interior out of the inside of the bag, clean the exterior, air dry, and push the interior bag in. 


Wristlet+ Care: We do not treat our materials with chemical protectants. Light Colored Matte Finish Vegan Leather Wristlet+ Colors (ex. Taupe, Blush, Grey, Ivory) should not be worn with dark denim or dark colored unwashed clothing as dyes may stain the exterior. We have tested purse protectant sprays (such as Apple Brand Garde Rain & Stain Water Repellent) with our exteriors and they do not discolor the vegan leather. If you choose to use a chemical protectant, please read manufacturer directions carefully before applying. Do not use chemical protectants on Glossy Metallic Finishes (i.e. Rose Gold) or the Cotton Exterior portion of the Wristlet+ (if applicable).

If you do find the need to clean the exterior of your bag, we have tested the following methods with no damage to the integrity of the material: wipe using a damp cloth with mild detergent or cleaner then wipe dry; use a wet magic eraser for heavier cleaning.

What if I have issues redeeming my CLUBMM Rewards Points?

*Please Note: CLUB MM Loyalty Rewards uses the discount code section to apply rewards, so Rewards Point can't be combined with other promotions, or coupon codes. 
**If you have issues at checkout where your coupon code is cleared, email jonathan@modernmakerie.com and we can look it up and send it to you.  Don't redeem more points for the same reward.  We have the ability to adjust points that are mistakenly used, so please email us with any problems!

Something isn't working when I try to checkout, what should I do?

If you have issues at checkout where something isn't displaying properly, you might need to clear your browser cache.  Here is a helpful article: https://kinsta.com/knowledgebase/how-to-clear-browser-cache/