Wholesale Guide

🛍Welcome to our wholesale program!  You should have received your 40% Discount Code to use on your orders. This code will only work on your account and cannot be shared.

A couple of things to note: 

🛒Wholesale Orders have a $100 minimum.

Due to limitations on materials Wholesale Orders can only be made from our Ready-To-Ship Inventory.

🧐If you see a stock or limited pattern, size or product outside of our Ready-To-Ship Inventory that you'd like to request for us to make available in the RTS section, just email jonathan@modernmakerie.com to check if it would be an available pattern.  We can let you know when it becomes available but please note that any of our wholesale partners become eligible to purchase it as well, but we'll try to give you first dibs at it. 

💰Please use the retail prices you see on your order receipt as you price products in your store.  Feel free to discount up to 20% off, but please get approval for discounting further. 

🚀Shipping Charges: Wholesale orders are NOT eligible for Free Shipping even though our Shopify Store will offer it due to your order being over $50.  Please select a shipping method from USPS or UPS in the menu, or we can just invoice you seperately if you choose the Free option. 

IF YOU ARE LOCAL TO LOUISVILLE - Select Free Shipping and we'll hand deliver your order. 

All product comes tag free at this time to allow for your own labeling and branding. As our products are handmade, we do not have UPCs for our products.

👇Check out our product guide and purchase restrictions below: 

CLICK HERE FOR ALL READY TO SHIP INVENTORY1.jpg__PID:eda0dcfd-2fe9-4e12-b7e1-68cda9a59f9e4.jpg__PID:fd2fe94e-1237-4168-8da9-a59f9e55becf5.jpg__PID:2fe94e12-37e1-48cd-a9a5-9f9e55becf402.jpg__PID:a0dcfd2f-e94e-4237-a168-cda9a59f9e553.jpg__PID:dcfd2fe9-4e12-47e1-a8cd-a9a59f9e55be

We are committed to a mutually beneficial partnership with you, so please reach out to us if you have any questions!

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