Everyday Travel Bags

      23 products

      23 products

       The bag you use everyday, for everything. Whether it’s in your nightstand, purse, backpack or gym bag, all the forgotten items in the bottom of your bag are forgotten no more. Carrying pens, lotions, sprays or essential oils? Our vinyl-lining has you covered there too! The everyday bag keeps the essentials contained, easy to find and organized no matter where you’re going. Since we make each bag by hand, the interior is exactly what you need it to be, you pick!

      Choose either an open interior OR 6 elastic compartments. The envelope design allows it to easily fit into most purses, while saving space . 

      Our favorite uses for the everyday bag include:

      • Lotions & sprays
      • Essential oils
      • Feminine products
      • Highlighters & pens
      • Sunglasses 
      • Lipgloss/chapstick

      Bag dimensions: 5" X 7.5" X .75"

      Compartment size (approximately): 1.25”