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      24 products

      Modern Makerie Handmade Travel Bag - Beautiful Patterns, Sturdy Reinforced Designer Quilting Cotton, Canvas or Linen. Easy to Clean Interior Oilcloth or Vinyl, Quality Brass Zipper. Many Styles

      High Quality Handmade Travel Bag - Just what you need to carry and store toiletries, cosmetics, supplements, essential oil diffuser, and favorite odds and ends. Much nicer that mass produced models. My husband and I make these by hand in our workshop in Louisville, KY.

      * Choice of Popular Patterns - We offer our travel bags in a range of popular colors, patterns and two sizes. Many people stock up with several for different uses and looks.

      * Sturdy Reinforced Quilting Cotton - Made with natural quilting cotton, canvas, or linen to last and look good for years of daily use. The zipper is high quality brass for smooth, reliable operation. More durable and long lasting than bags sold in stores.

      * Easy to Clean Lining - Interior is lined with easy to clean oilcloth or vinyl that is leak resistant. This also adds structure to the bag. Super easy to turn inside out and wipe clean. Convenient for cleaning up spills in just seconds. You can even hand wash, line dry, and iron for a fresh, new look. No wonder countless women use this for helpful daily organization.

      * 42,934 Uses - Our customers use these bags to hold an amazing variety of items like snacks, art supplies, diapers & wipes, supplements, nail polishes, electronics, nightstand essentials and much more. Great for travel when you want a handy hand-held bag for easy access or for better organizing your luggage. Ideal for car trips.

      * Great Gift Idea - Makes a thrilling gift for birthday, Mother's Day, and Christmas. Many customers are so pleased with the quality they return to buy several more in different patterns. Get yours while we have this handmade favorite in plentiful supply. These bags sell fast thanks to the many customers who extol their virtues.


      Dimensions: Approx. 9.5" X 6.5" X 3"