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Lush Essential Oil Recipe Journal - Organizes with 4 Tabbed Sections for Diffuser, Roller, Recipes, Notes. Durable Hardcover, Beautiful Gold Metal Corners & Coil Binding Lays Flat. Stationary Quality

* Organizes All Your Essential Oil Recipes - This is the perfect solution for anyone who has collected notes, photos, and screen shots of favorite essential oil aromatherapy recipes from Instagram, Pinterest, friends, and personal experience. Now you can easily organize them, refer to them, and keep favorites forever.

* 4 Tabbed Sections - Our customers love the well organized structure with 4 tabbed sections for diffuser, roller, recipes, and your notes. Each section offers 20 pages printed on front and back. There's lots of room here for 80 diffuser recipes, 80 roller recipes, and 40 DIY food recipes. Plus a notes section for your monthly orders, wish list, and more.

* Beautiful Gold Metal Design - Includes an inspiring high quality look with floral rose cover, gold script that says "essential oils", and special gold metal corners and gold metal wire binding. This lets your journal lay fat for easy writing and reference. It's an impressive presentation appropriate for the inspiration and healing nature of your most prized essential oil blends.

* Stationary Quality Paper - Premier grade paper prevents bleeding from front to back. These feel wonderful to the touch. Give your life the improved mood, greater creativity, and clear thought only possible with essential oils. This specially created journal helps unlock the secrets of these natural wonders for a more enjoyable life.

* Great Gift Idea - Makes a thrilling gift for anyone who enjoys essential oils. Just right for birthday, Mother's Day, and Christmas. Many people get several to hold all their recipes, combinations, and blends now and in the future. Get yours while we have this customer favorite in plentiful supply. It's selling fast after being recommended by countless enthusiasts as a must-have accessory.


Lush Essential Oil Recipe Journal - Beautifully organized journal to keep all your favorite aromatherapy blends. Created special for essential oil users by a longtime enthusiast. This journal offers 4 tabbed sections with one each for Diffuser recipes, Roller recipes, Favorite Recipes, and your Notes. There is lots of space with room for large writing and a big 80 recipes per section. Pages are high quality Stationary Grade that won't bleed from front to back. Features lovely gold metal corners with gold coil binding to lay flat. The durable hardcover features an inspiring image of roses with gold script saying "essential oils."

Product Features:

Lush Essential Oil Recipe Journal

Organizes with 4 Tabbed Sections

Keeps your recipes for Diffuser, Roller, Recipes, and Notes.

Durable Hardcover with roses image and gold script

Beautiful Gold Metal Corners

Gold Coil Binding Lays Flat

Stationary Quality paper feels nice and won't bleed

Each section includes 20 pages printed on front and back

Enough room for 80 diffuser recipes

80 roller recipes

40 DIY/food recipes

Notes section for monthly orders/wish list

Get Yours - While we have this customer favorite in a fresh printing ready to send direct to your door. Many customers are so thrilled with the elegant look and excellent organization they return to buy another. It makes a much appreciated gift for friends, family, and co-workers who love essential oils.

Each journal also comes with 3 recipe cards. Additional recipe cards can be purchased separately.  Journal Stickers offer even more personalization and organization options.
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