Stash Travel Bag

      23 products

      23 products

      Allow me to introduce you to your “go-to” bag! You want 14 compartments to help keep you organized? Perfect! You need a leak-proof bag to catch the odds and ends in your bag? We can do that too! We hand make every bag to fit your needs perfectly. You can have one in your luggage with compartments for essential oils, another with an open interior for travel toothpaste, lotions and sprays. The flat bottom design makes it the ideal sidekick for sitting on the counter for travel.

      The stash is your favorite bag for:

      • Small travel size essentials
      • Essential oils
      • Pens, pencils and highlighters
      • Makeup 
      • Cords & chargers 
      • First aid

      Bag dimensions: 3.5"x10.5"x3.5"

      Compartment size (approximately): 1.25”